Step #1 – Price calculation

Calculate your pirce via Send file & Pay page.

Step #2 – Send your file

The second step in the editing process is to upload your manuscript on Send file & Pay page or email us( your manuscript alternatively.  Our price is calculated from the total word count of Microsoft Word (Tools → Word count…)  of the manuscript.

When sending us your manuscript, you should include:

  • Your email address
  • Your area of research
  • Manuscript with all tables/figures/refernces

Once receipt of your manuscript, will email you a confirmation email. Alternatively, email us any queries you may have regarding the quotation.

Step #3 – Payment Process

After you send your manuscripts, you can pay through Send file & Pay page. We accept Laser, Visa and MasterCard via PayPal online payment. Email us any queries you may have regarding payment process.

Edit and Return your files

Your document is edited using the Microsoft Word track changes feature. This is a standard feature installed in current versions of Microsoft Word. This Microsoft component allows you to quickly accept all changes proposed by the editor or move easily between corrections. Comments, corrections, and suggestions, which are listed in the right-hand margin, are easy to identify and accept into your document.

Your file will be edited and returned to you via the email you provided. Typically, manuscripts under 5000 words are returned in 5 working days and larger manuscripts are returned in 7-10 working days.